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Prenatal Yoga Classes

We are pleased to offer antenatal classes with Maria Machin beginning in June. The first block of classes will run over 3, 2 hour sessions, specifically on June 22, 23, and 24 from 6-8pm. We will look at the following:

Session 1: We will look at how our bodies change during pregnancy and how we can support the process. We talk about language in pregnancy and how it effects us. We look at ways we can stay well in pregnancy and alternative therapies that are available to us, and we will learn relaxation techniques that we can use not just throughout our pregnancy and birth, but skills for life. 

Session 2: We will be looking at how we birth and all the different options available to us and the role of a partner/doula. We will also be learning about our rights as mothers and getting to understand the terminology and terms you may hear throughout your birthing process.

Session 3: we look at where we birth, and how our choice of birth place effects our choice on aids for birth. We then look at what happens after birth, the golden hour, vitamin K,  and we will also learn breastfeeding techniques.

Hypnobirthing Classes

We are pleased to offer Hypnobirthing classes with Maria Machin. We will offer our first course over 12 hours, which will be broken down  into 4, 3 hour sessions. 

In our hypnobirthing sessions you will gain a deeper understanding of how your baby is born. You will learn techniques that will aid you, not just through your birthing process but techniques that you can use for life. You will learn skills to enable you to have a confident, calm birth. You will be fully prepared to meet your baby in any outcome and will face your birth and parenthood with confidence. We spend time working on your birth preferences and tools to let others know that you are hypnobirthing. You receive a book and an mp3 to practice your newfound skills at home, that you can then play to your baby when they are here. The relaxation skills you will learn can be used for life.

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