Types of Yoga

The Balance Rooms Yoga and Wellness Centre offers a variety of different styles of yoga so there is a class for each and every person of all ages and abilities. These types are:

Vinyasa Flow: Vinyasa yoga, also known as flow yoga or dynamic yoga, focuses on connecting the breath to the movement, with emphasis on movement series like The Sun Salutation and the Warrior Series. A vinyasa class will leave you feeling energised and connected to your body and your breath.

Power Flow: Power flow yoga is a form of vinyasa flow yoga and it is quite a fast paced form of yoga, with emphasis on movement series like The Sun Salutation and the Warrior Series. A power flow class will leave you feeling energised and connected to your body and your breath, and you will know that you have had a workout! A great option for those with yoga experience or those who are already quite athletic.

Hatha: Hatha yoga is probably the most commonly recognised form of yoga where the class consists of a series of asanas or poses that are held for varying lengths of time. This can range from a gentle class to a more dynamic class depending on whether it is a beginner’s class or a more intermediate class. Hatha yoga will improve your balance and also your connection and awareness of the space in which your body resides.

Gentle Yoga: Gentle yoga is aimed at those who enjoy moving through the asanas at a much slower pace. It also involves a greater focus on breath work and achieving a deep sense of calm both physically and spiritually. This is a great practice for those who don't necessarily want to feel as if they've had a workout but who want to connect with their body and their breath in a relaxing space.

Yin: Yin yoga is a calm and slow form of yoga that focuses on the holding of poses for 3-5 minutes to achieve an extremely deep stretch of not just the muscles but also of the connective tissues. A typical yin yoga class won’t cycle through as many poses as a typical hatha or vinyasa class, but will focus on going deep within each pose, and the use of the breath to stay in the poses is an important part of these classes. You will leave this class feeling deeply relaxed and much more limber!

Yin Yang Yoga: Do you fancy a workout but also some chill time?!? Then yin yang yoga is for you! 30 minutes of dynamic flow yoga designed to get your heart rate elevated and your muscles warm, followed by 30 minutes of deep stretching yin yoga. Leave feeling both refreshed and relaxed, knowing that you have worked out but also that you have stretched!

Prenatal Yoga: As those of us who are mothers know, pregnancy and birthing alter the alignment of a woman’s body significantly. Our prenatal yoga classes focus on calm and relaxation, and we have many modifications for poses and will ensure that you get the you time that you need.

Stay, Play and Stretch: This is new as of January 2020! Come and enjoy a safe space to chill, relax, maybe roll out a yoga mat and stretch a little, whilst your little ones play with the yoga props and a few toys. Mug of herbal tea included. £3 for parent/carer and one child, £2 for each additional child.

Children's Yoga: We all know how important it is to start good habits when we are young, and yoga has been shown to be extremely useful for school aged children. Our children's yoga class will be open to 6-11 year-olds, and parents are more than welcome to stay and sit on the sidelines. Physically, it will help your little one become stronger and more flexible, and mentally it will give them a sense of calm and a way of coping with stress. Unfortunate as it might be, stress in primary school students is on the rise, and yoga can give them an outlet for this stress. Children's classes are very reasonably priced at £5 per class.

Teen Yoga: Our teen yoga classes will be open to students 13-18 years-old and will give teens a safe space to come and express themselves. Yoga can greatly increase self esteem and calmness in teenagers, and it is currently being rolled out as part of the curriculum in many places across the country for this very reason. It is great for secondary school athletes, as yoga is a complementary sport that both stretches and strengthens. It can also help with exam stress. Teen classes are very reasonably priced at £6 per class.

Lunchtime classes: The lunchtime classes are slightly shorter 45 minute classes, to enable those in office jobs to have a practice and still have time to get back to their desks. They will be hatha/vinyasa flow in style and will ensure that you've had some you time to connect with your breath in the middle of your busy day!

Restorative Yoga: This class is the most relaxing practice, using blankets, bolsters and blocks to support you in a few different postures for long periods of time. It ends with a guided mindfulness meditation and will leave you feeling supremely blissed out and ready for a good night's sleep!

Chair Yoga: This is a 45 minute practice for those with limited mobility, where the practice is based in a chair. You will strengthen your body, stretch your muscles and connective tissues, and you'll have time to connect with your breath.

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